Ty Ku Benihana Sake Junmai 330ml


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Product Description

Indulge in the smooth and refreshing taste of Ty Ku Benihana Sake Junmai 330ml, an exquisite Japanese spirit perfectly bottled for your personal drinking pleasure.

Ty Ku has made a name for itself as the go-to brand when it comes to premium sake in the United States. Partnering up with the Umenoyado Brewery in the heart of Nara, Japan, they have brought premium handcrafted Japanese sake to American drinkers.

Made in collaboration with Benihana, the nation’s largest operator of Japanese-inspired restaurants, the Ty Ku Benihana Sake Junmai is one of their more recent premium sake expressions. Made from all-natural ingredients, it’s a truly invigorating treat that is as delectable as it is healthy.

Starting with a special blend of premium sake rice, the brewers at Umenoyado Brewery used only ultra-purified water along with yeast and handmade koji all sourced from Nara to make their sake. This focus on local ingredients and the purest ingredients ensured that the resulting spirit is of the utmost quality.

Each sip of the gorgeous clear liquid greets you with a refreshing aroma of fruity and floral notes that is complemented by an extra smooth and slightly sweet palate of citrus and pear that is best served chilled like wine or mixed with your favorite cocktails.

It also comes packaged in a beautiful bright red 330ml bottle so you don’t have to worry about not being able to finish a standard bottle. Perfect for when have to satiate those random cravings for exquisite spirits.

So order a bottle of Ty Ku Benihana Sake Junmai 330ml today and enjoy the elegant taste of authentic Japanese sake.

  • 12% ABV
  • Made from a special blend of sake rice
  • Comes in a beautiful bright red bottle

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Ty Ku Benihana Sake Junmai 330ml

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