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Reward yourself with something that's pretty amazing. Get a taste of the new Suntory Roku Japanese Gin, a bottle of gin that's beautiful inside and out.

The big Suntory name is known all over the world for producing the best single malt whisky. But not only that, it also also the name behind the many internationally renowned alcohol brands like Jim Beam, Knob Creek, and Maker's Mark. Now, the 'distilling giant' is now set to amaze even more fans and aficionados as they conquer the gin-scene, enter the Suntory Haku Japanese Gin, released in Japan only last July 2017 and now here in the US last month (October 2018. This new tipple from the Land of the Rising Sun is crafted by Japanese artisans who are known for their meticulous attention to detail. And if that won't already make you want to try this new spirit, allow us to enlighten you even more.

The unique and authentic gin taste of the Suntory Roku Gin is attributable not only to the distiller's revolutionary take on gin-making but also to the fact that this very bottle is made to embody Japan's beautiful four seasons, inside and out. The name 'Roku' means six in Japanese, and it pertains to the 6 key botanicals used to make this extraordinary gin: Sakura flowers and leaves to represent Spring, Sencha tea and Gyokuro tea to represent Summer, Sansho Pepper to represent Autumn, and finally Yuzu peel for Winter. All these 6 botanicals were harvested at the peak of these respective seasons, then distilled separately in four distinct types of pot stills to bring out each of their best flavors and individual characters.

It was the goal of Master Distiller Kazayuki Torii to "make something unusual but not strange"-- well, the Suntory Roku Gin has definitely showed that he has achieved it. The Roku Gin is an elegant, dreamy, refined, and nuanced tipple that just makes an excellent addition to your personal collection. It has a sweet and delicate nose that's filled with aromas of cherry blossoms, green tea, and pepper. While its super smooth to almost oily mouthfeel will fill your palate with delightful flavors of citrus fruits with some bitterness, chocolate, toffee, juniper and earl grey. And while the floral and notes are fleeting, it'll leave you with a delightful peppery finish.

So if you're truly determined to taste a real good tipple (and you really haven't got your fair share of Japanese spirits in your shelf), then the Suntory Roku Gin is but perfect! Go and order your bottle now!

  • Distilled in copper pot stills at the Suntory Distillery Osaka Japan
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Suntory Roku Gin 750ml

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