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Stolichnaya Elit Vodka Night Edition 1L


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Product Description

Planning on rewarding yourself with a luxurious and rare vodka for your special night of celebration? Then that calls for a bottle of Elit Vodka by Stolichnaya.

Stolichnaya has always been known around the world for providing unique types of vodka with undeniable elegance and sophistication. And yet again, just early this year (2018), Stoli has decided to take the luxury vodka game to whole new level by bringing the Stolichnaya Elit Ultra Luxury Vodka Night Edition - another revolutionary bottling that will urge you to say it's the world's purest and smoothest vodka ever.

With Sotlichnaya's new freeze filtration process where the vodka needs to reach -18 degrees Celcius in order to free the spirit of all kinds of impurities, it yielded a smooth and pleasurable vodka that spells perfection all over it. Simply put, every single penny you put into this sleek, stunning, and first-ever illuminated bottle is so worth it. It's so extraordinary that you'd catch yourself either staring at its bottle or having a hard time restraining yourself from finishing the whole bottle.

Arguably the Stolichnaya Elit best vodka in the world, this Night Edition bottle isn't just all looks because its decadent taste will definitely won't disappoint. It has a clean and fresh nose that'll give you hints of grain, sherbet, and wood. It features a supple, refined yet creamy body with resin-sweet flavors with anise, charcoal, citrus and birch sap that will leave your palate with an almost candy-like yet long finish.

So go ahead. Spend a little. Grab this chance to own this iconic vodka bottle today!

  • Made from superior quality grains freeze-filtered at -18 degrees Celcius
  • Premium Russian vodka patented by the SPI Group
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Stolichnaya Elit Vodka Night Edition 1L

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