St. George Spirits California Citrus Vodka


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Product Description

Indulge yourself in refreshing citrus flavors by getting a bottle of the one and only St. George Spirits California Citrus Vodka.

Based in Alameda, California, the St. George distillery holds a very special place as one of the pioneers in what became the craft distilling movement. Renowned for their wide range of spirit expressions, they take pride in producing only 100% organic spirits that serve as a guilt-free treat for drinkers.

Among the newest addition to their collection, the St. George Spirits California Citrus Vodka takes the finest California-grown oranges and showcases their flavors in the most exquisite vodka expression possible. Each batch begins with a GMO-free neutral spirit as a base which is infused separately with Valencia, Seville, and Bergamot oranges. After being individually distilled, the orange-infused distillates are then blended together and filtered to create a crystal-clear and citrus-forward expression that can be enjoyed neat or mixed.

Each sip begins with an exceptionally juicy nose consisting of sweet and sour orange notes alongside citrus peels and faint hints of tart lemon. This is followed by a clean and fresh palate brimming with fresh fruit pulp, waxy Bergamot orange peels, bright tart orange, and an earthy minerality tied together by a lasting finish of drying spice and light tannins.

A superb spirit through and through, the St. George Spirits California Citrus Vodka is jam-packed with luscious orange notes that that is guaranteed to breathe new life into your cocktails. So whether you’re planning on hosting a party or just want to enjoy a lovely Martini, Cosmopolitan, or White Russian every now and then, make sure you’re always prepared by getting a bottle or two of this fabulously-flavored vodka.

  • 40% ABV or 80 Proof
  • Made with California-grown oranges
  • 100% organic
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St. George Spirits California Citrus Vodka 750ml

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