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St. George Botanivore Gin 200ml


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Product Description

Make your cocktails stand out with the overflowing flavors of the St. Georges Botanivore Gin.

What’s a gin without its botanicals right? And so when St. Georges distillery finally decided it’s time to release a new craft gin expression, they went all out and used a bounty of botanicals to create an incredibly complex and flavorful expression.

Dubbed the St. Georges Botanivore, the boasts a grand total of 19 botanicals in its blend all sourced from the Bay Area. The process starts by steeping the first 16 botanicals in a neutral grain spirit overnight, after which it is then distilled in a still where the 3 remaining botanicals are placed to infuse the vapors with their flavors. Following this meticulous distillation process, the gin is brought down to a hearty 90 proof before finally being bottled in a charming 200ml bottle.

On the nose, the gin comes bursting with the lovely aromas of spice, fennel, cardamom, orange peel, and cinnamon. This is followed by an invigorating palate of earthy spices, crystallized ginger, caraway, lemon and lime zest, bay laurel, and coriander that culminates in a cool and refreshing finish reminiscent of the Bay Area breeze.

Lush and vibrant, the St. George Botanivore Gin is guaranteed to please fans of classic gin flavors with its generous helpings of Bay Area botanicals in every drop. So whether you’re a self-admitted gin connoisseur or just someone who likes to enjoy a cocktail every now and then, don’t hesitate to try a bottle of this gorgeous craft expression.

  • 45% ABV or 90 Proof
  • Flavored with 19 locally-sourced botanicals
  • Packaged in a 200ml bottle
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St. George Botanivore Gin 200ml

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