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Have no idea how a good 'Grappa' should really taste like? Then let the San Guido Grappa si Sassicaia tell you all about it.

So you know that Italians drink grappa to end a rich, delicious, and filling meal; and as far as you're concerned, you drink it as a shot or mix it with coffee to 'relax' and help your body digest what you have just devoured. But the thing is, you can't really tell if it's a good grappa or not. Don't worry, we've got your back. If you really want to know, learn from a bottle of the Tenuto San Guido Grappa di Sassicaia.

Grappa is made from pomace - the combination of grape skins, stalks, and seeds left from the total winemaking process. But more than just recycling wine scraps, what many do not know is that the grape skins and other 'scraps' is the best part; where the real intense aromas and flavors are. The San Guido Grappa di Sassicaia is actually a unique blend of grapes and pomace from Cabernet Franc (20%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (80%), yielding a lovely golden colored Grappa that boasts of an elegant, complex, and refined taste.

The Tenuto San Guido Grappa di Sassicaia is an amazing well-balanced fruity and smooth vintage grappa that is best drunk chilled or frozen after a hearty meal of beef, lamb, deer, venison, and even spicy food. It has a sophisticated nose that greets you with perfumes of vanilla, wood, coffee, cocoa, and spices. Its ultra-smooth texture and well-structured body then delights your tastebuds with flavors of hazelnut, red fruits, herbs, vanilla cake, dates, and oak.

Simply put, if a grappa tastes as exquisite as the San Guido Grappa di Sassicaia, then you know it's G-O-O-D. So enjoy it when you have the chance!

  • Grappa with a dry sweetness bottled at 40% ABV
  • Digestif / Dessert Wine made from Bolgheri, Italy
  • Enjoy this vintage until 2026
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San Guido Grappa di Sassicaia 375ml

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