Ole Smoky Miniature Gift Set (4pack)


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Product Description

Don't be surprised if these cute little boozies become your new favorite. Add the Ole Smoky Miniature Gift Set to your minibar collection now.

Whether you like collecting cute miniature liquor bottles or you simply want to take a break from the usual whiskeys you've been drinking, then having this gift set right here is your best bet. The Ole Smoky Miniature Gift Set comes in a gorgeous (and reusable) locking vault case. And despite its manly and robust look, it actually holds 4 mason jars of the best-selling Ole Smoky Moonshine flavors - Apple Pie, Hunch Punch, White Lightnin', and Blackberry. This whole set is really meant for you to enjoy in 4 different ways as each flavor has its own distinctive character, not to mention a different proof or ABV. And don't you worry, we'll introduce them to you one by one.

The Ole Smoky Moonshine Apple Pie is a real crowd favorite simply because it lives up to its name. It literally tastes like apple pie - not just mere ripe apples or caramelized apples; but the real apple, cinnamon, sugar, and dough combination. Real good stuff. From the nose to the palate, it's undeniably an apple pie in liquid form, but amazingly far from cloying. With only 40 proof, this Ole Smoky favorite makes it very easy for you to sip it right from the jar.

Next up, the Hunch Punch Ole Smoky flavoured whiskey. If you're fond of drinking tropical flavored cocktails and other drinks that simply make you think it's summer, then the Hunch Punch is something you'll definitely love. Packed with 80 proof, this particular Ole Smoky variant is nothing short of a strong yet flavorful whiskey you can't resist. It features an amazing blend of pineapples, oranges, and cherries - just like everyone's favorite punch. Simply mix this with ice, and you're good to go.

Don't be fooled by this colorless Ole Smoky variant because this doesn't skimp on the alcohol. Coming at you with 100 proof, this could very well be your alternative to your usual alcohol mixers like gin and vodka. And because it's made from 100% neutral grains, the Ole Smoky White Lightnin' is best used to come up with your favorite Ole Smoky Whiskey drinks.

Last but certainly not the least, the Ole Smoky Blackberry flavor is a real treat for the drinker with a sweet tooth. Just by looking at the jar, you might have it mistaken for a grape or berry juice. But honestly, this Ole Smoky bottle is nothing short of a juicy treat that comes with a catch. When you mix it with lemonade or your other favorite mixers, it becomes a delightful yet deceiving mixed drink - you'll want more but the alcohol will surely get to you in no time. Truly perfect for partying and best shared with friends.

  • Set includes 4 50-ml Mason Jars packaged in a Locking Vault Case
  • Made from 80% corn and hails from Gatlinburg, Tennesee, USA
  • Un-aged whiskey designed primarily to be enjoyed straight right from the jar
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Ole Smoky Miniature Gift Set (4pack) with a locking Vaultz case


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