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Knob Creek Smoked Maple Bourbon Whiskey

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Product Description

If you're hunting for a delicious and decadent bourbon like it's nobody's business, your sartorial search ends by getting the Knob Creek Smoked Maple Bourbon Whiskey.

If maple can truly make bacon or pancakes more delicious, then what do you think it can do for a well-made bourbon whiskey? This bottle of Smoked Maple Bourbon Whiskey is Knob Creek's first take on flavored expressions. But what's impressive is that they have done it with flying colors on their first try; because the Knob Creek Smoke Maple Bourbon Whiskey simply shows everyone in the liquor-loving world that it is never impossible to create your own unique identity without straying from traditions. Still handsomely presented in the Knob Creek signature bottle, still patiently aged for 9 years, and still having that authentic Knob Creek qualities, this remarkable pour will change your flavoured-whiskey game in an instant.

Experts say that the typical approach to whiskeys like this is that a delicious flavor is added to somehow mask the use of younger and/or less-than-average quality whiskies in the blend. And if that is true, then let us tell you that this isn't the case for the Knob Creek Smoked Maple Bourbon Whiskey. Its big, bold, and full-bodied maple flavor simply doesn't overpower the original Knob Creek taste loyalists and fans love. Every aspect, from start to finish, will tell you that it's indeed as decadent and as savoury as maple-flavored bacon but at the same time won't make you forget that what you're enjoying is a top-notch bourbon whiskey.

The Knob Creek Smoked Maple Bourbon Whiskey is so good and delicious that it'll even make you want to drink it for breakfast. The natural maple flavor is strongest on its heavy nose that also has hints of vanilla, cinnamon and caramel. The not too thick and not too syrupy mouthfeel will afterwards pleasure your tastebuds with gushing flavors of more baking spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, plus added smooth tastes of toasted oak, char, sugar, and smoked hickory. Finally, it'll leave your palate with a still smokey, slightly sweet, and lingering aftertaste toffee, toasted marshmallows, and candied peel.

If you're simply a sucker for anything maple but still have high expectations for real good whiskeys, then the Knob Creek Smoked Maple can most definitely sweep you off your feet. Buy one today!

  • Premium bourbon bourbon blended with natural smoked maple flavors
  • Bottled with 45% ABV (90 Proof)
  • Knob Creek's very first flavored expression
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