Kavalan Sherry Oak Whisky (Taiwan)


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Product Description

Get a proper introduction to the flavors of Taiwanese whisky with the Kavalan Sherry Oak Whisky.

Taiwan-made whisky wasn’t really a thing until Kavalan broke into the scene back in the late 2000s. Since then, the category has grown to become many a whisky-lover’s guilty pleasure with its skillful melding of traditional Western distilling techniques and good ol’ Asian innovation that gave rise to whisky expressions that are as delicious as they are distinct.

The Kavalan Sherry Oak Whisky serves as the perfect entry-level tipple to the world of Taiwanese whisky. A lighter iteration of their award-winning Kavalan Solist, the whisky starts as malted Scottish barley which are distilled in copper pot stills imported from Scotland before being aged entirely in refill sherry casks. This gives imparts a predominantly fruity flavor profile to the whisky which, after maturing, is brought to proof using pure spring water.

Deep cherry-wood in color, each sip of this lovely whisky begins with bursts of sherry notes alongside dark fruit, brown sugar, barrel char, nuts, citrus, cinnamon, and leather. This paves the way for a rich and luscious palate of even more sherry and dark fruits, cherry, vanilla, dark spice, lime, toffee, oak, and a bright minerality that culminates into a long finish of cocoa, dried fruits, and bitter tannins.

Perfect for cocktails and neat sipping, the Kavalan Sherry Oak Whisky offers a sumptuous blend of two complementary flavors that have worked well for decades: whisky and sherry. So whether you’re someone who likes their liquor on the sweet side or just a curious drinker interested in experiencing Taiwanese whisky for the first time, don’t hesitate to grab a bottle today!

  • 46% ABV or 92 Proof
  • Made from 100% malted Scottish barley
  • Aged in refill sherry casks

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Kavalan Sherry Oak Whisky 750ml (Taiwan)

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