Horse Soldier Signature Bourbon


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Product Description

Enjoy a glass of an all-American spirit by pouring yourself a glass of Horse Soldier Signature Bourbon - with a bottle molded from World Trade Center steel

There are no words to express the heartbreak our country lived through when September 11, 2001 arrived. The founders of American Freedom Distillery were Special Ops officers who responded to defend our country just days after the terrorist attack. They have decided to pay homage by using steel from the World Trade Center to mold their glass bottles.

Carefully filtered to maintain maximum purity in every bottle, the Horse Soldier Signature Bourbon is one of the best wheated bourbons in the market. Made with full pride and patience, the Horse Soldier Signature Bourbon signifies full-bodied flavor in every sip. This wheated bourbon is crafted to provide you a unique tasting adventure, unlike anything you've had before.

The Horse Soldier Signature Bourbon is a refined wheated bourbon made from carefully selected grains, aromatics, and spices. This true to strength bourbon has a proprietary mash bill of 70% Corn; Yellow Dent 2, 20% Wheat; soft red winter, 10% Barley. This wheated bourbon has a unique flavor profile that has distinct hints of caramel, butterscotch, natural honey, cashew and spiced raisins. The Horse Soldier Signature Bourbon has a robust woodiness embedded in the blend that makes every sip more addicting than the last. It has a lingering finish that is a hallmark of a finely made wheated bourbon. The Horse Soldier Signature Bourbon is proofed at 95% to honor the Special Forces Team Number of the 1st green beret calvary that rushed into battle in Afghanistan.

Honor the bravery of the 1st green beret calvary by pouring yourself a glass of Horse Soldier Signature Bourbon today.

  • 47.5% ABV
  • 95 Proof
  • Bottles molded from WTC steel
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Horse Soldier Signature Bourbon

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