G'Vine Floraison Small Batch Gin


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Product Description

For a lover of all things French, the unique and lovely G'Vine Floraison Gin is the spirit you wouldn't dare miss!

Hailing from the French region of Cognac, the G'Vine Floraison Gin is a unique spirit with Ugni Blanc grapes as base, instead of the usual grain. This clear spirit with an expected proof of 80 is loved for its floral, grape, and berry notes. The Ugni Blanc grape vine flower is macerated in its own distillate right after picking while the botanicals infused in this exceptional gin such as cardamom, licorice, ginger root, coriander, nutmeg, lime, juniper, and cubeb berries, are distilled separately as well. After the 3-tier process, all the elements are blended together by G'Vine's team of experts.

So if you do love everything French like their wines, then you're missing half of your life by notting having a taste of the G'Vine Floraison small batch gin. Appealing to modern sensibilities, this ambitious unapologetic floral-forward gin is a unique and elegant spirit that equally deserves to be sipped neat just as it's delicious on fine cocktails. It boasts of a roller coaster ride of aromatics (from the 9 amazing botanicals) and an exceptional smooth texture that any drinker will easily love.

The G'Vine Floraison Gin has a lovely and vibrant nose that'll take you to the best springtime or summer days as you bask in the fresh aromas of dried cherries, tangerine, sandalwood, and floral juniper. With a super smooth entry, the dry but fruity texture will pleasure you with a medium-to-full body gushing with flavors of lemon, mint, peppers, nuts and baking spices. So whether you're thinking of inviting friends over or you simply want a lovely drink to end your day, it'll be so nice to have a G'Vine Floraison Small Batch Gin youcan reach anytime. Order now!

  • Neutral grape spirit bottled at 40% ABV
  • From the region of Cognac, France
  • Blended by hand, distilled in Florentine pot stills
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G'Vine Floraison Small Batch Gin 750ml

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