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Grey Goose Cocktail Shaker Gift Set

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Product Description

Hosting a cocktail party on short notice? Don’t worry because the Grey Goose Cocktail Shaker Gift Set has got you covered.

When it comes to vodka, no name commands respect quite like Grey Goose. Established in the 1990s by famed spirit entrepreneur Sidney Frank who hatched, no pun intended, the idea of developing a luxury vodka brand for the American market. Now operating under the Bacardi group, their exquisite line of flavored and unflavored vodkas continues to be a fixture of bars and nightclubs across the globe.

Launched in 1997 as their flagship product, the Grey Goose vodka remains the go-to super-premium vodka label for many drinkers. Made from 100% French winter wheat sourced from farms in Picardy, the vodka is column-distilled before being brought to Cognac, France to be proofed using de-mineralized spring water from the region. The final product is a pure, crystal clear vodka with an exceptionally creamy character that is perfect for both mixing and neat sipping.

Each sip starts with a clean, grainy nose accented by notes of black pepper and almonds, paving the way for a fragrant palate of more anise, rye, and more peppery notes framed by a refreshingly spicy and creamy finish of crisp wheat with a pleasant alcohol warmth.

Packaged with a high-quality shaker, the Grey Goose Cocktail Shaker Gift Set is perfect for those spur-of-the-moment cocktail parties. Grab a one to whip yourself up a classic Martini or delicious Bloody Mary today!

  • 40% ABV or 80 Proof
  • Made from 100% French winter wheat
  • Comes packaged with a high-quality shaker
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Grey Goose Cocktail Shaker Gift Set

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