Grand Old Parr Tribute Scotch Whisky


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Product Description

Get a drink of the Grand Old Parr Tribute Scotch Whisky if you need an attention-worthy dram that'll satisfy you all night long.

When looking for a truly unique whisky experience, that doesn't always mean you'd have to go for single malts. Because sometimes, especially those times that call for all-night-drinking-till-you-get-drunk, you'd want to have a reliable and insanely delicious kind of dram that you'll never get sick of even if you've already finished the whole bottle. And that's exactly what the Grand Old Parr Tribute Scotch Whisky can give you.

The Grand Old Parr Tribute is an expression that celebrates whisky aficionados, Old Parr fans, and even Scotch newcomers who want to live life to the fullest. In fact, that's exactly why Old Parr was named after Thomas Parr-- reputed for being the "oldest" man to have lived in England (152 years, if you may ask). Hence, if there's any bottle that you would like to enjoy 'til the last drop, the NAS Tribute is but the most fitting solution. With its refined texture, full-bodied delicious flavor, and very pleasant character, it is and understatement that the Old Parr Tribute is a dram that can satisfy you all night long.

The brown, square, and uniquely textured Grand Old Parr limited edition design bottle holds a blended Scotch whisky that features a combination of carefully selected whisky styles as a result from aging in expertly rejuvenated oak casks. The smooth blended Scotch whisky texture of the Old Parr Tribute has a tempting nose filled with aromas of creamy coconut, chocolate, raisins, apples, a bit of vanilla, and a hint of peat smoke. Its rich and well-balanced body is enhanced by flavors of cinnamon spice, nutmeg, orange, toffee, and brown sugar. It is the smoothest and most delightful Old Parr that definitely needs attention from the global drinking world as compared to what it's getting now.

For a dram that holds up well on its own all night without getting boring or without making you think you'd have to make your own whiskey cocktails, you'll definitely say that the Old Parrr Tribute Blended Scotch Whisky is truly worth it, 'til the very last drop. So go and grab your bottle today.

  • Premium blended Scotch whisky bottled at 43% ABV
  • NAS expression from Speyside, Scotland
  • Matured in specially revived oak casks
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Grand Old Parr Tribute Scotch Whisky 750ml

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