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In the mood for a pleasurable long drink in the afternoon? Whip up a chilled glass of the Gran Duque d'Alba Crema de Alba.

Another masterpiece by Williams & Humbert from Jerez Spain, the Gran Duque d'Alba Crema de Alba is considered the world's first creme liqueur made with brandy--but not just any kind of brandy, the one and only, Gran Duque d'Alba Brandy. This light golden brown-hued creme liqueur is a brilliant blend of top-notch ingredients of cream, vanilla, and cacao, perfectly in sync with the world-famous aged brandy. This expression that resulted from a rather lengthy research is simply a delicate and aromatic liqueur that anyone could take pleasure on.

Packed with just the right amount alcohol for a creme liqueur, this Gran Duque d'Alba is a real delight for the senses. It's deep, sweet, rich, fruity, creamy, and full of character like no other. Expert or occasional drinker, it won't really matter; because the Crema de Alba will immediately entice you upon opening with its delicate bouquet of chocolate, vanilla, dark roasted but, and coffee. And indulging you further with its creamy buttery texture, this liquid dessert will come gushing with delicious flavors of more vanilla, hazelnut, raisins, and a hint of fine whiskey.

With all that luscious goodness, the Gran Duque d'Alba Crema de Alba truly deserves to be enjoyed slowly-- sipped in a bed of ice cubes inside a nice glass. In the same way, this amazing and unique bottle of liqueur will definitely delight anyone at any time of the day. That is why it is suggested that you always keep a bottle of this within reach. For steady after dinner conversations, alone-time night caps, or even chill afternoons in the yard, drink a glass or two of the delicious Crema de Alba.

  • Made with the world-famous Gran Duque d'Alba Brandy
  • WIth 17% alcohol content (contains milk)
  • Scored 92 points in the Beverage Testing Institute, Sliver Medal - 2008 San Francisco WSC
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Gran Duque d'Alba Crema de Alba 750ml

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