Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve Whisky


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Drink up a glass or two of the Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve Canadian Whisky - this nice and bold sippin' whisky is one you'll cherish for many more moments after.

According to John Hall, Forty Creek's very own master whisky maker, the Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve Whisky is an expression that's matured in probably one of the most expensive barrels he has ever produced and worked with. And should you ask why is that so-- to put it simply, this very bottle is a celebration of not only Canada's 1867 Confederation, but most of all, Canadian ingenuity. True enough, this NAS bottle is a brilliant whisky that flawlessly embodies what a real Canadian whisky is all about.

Among all the popular whiskey brands in the world, the Forty Creek whiskey distillery has long been known for their originality and innovativeness, and that alone is represented by the 40 Creek Confederation Oak Reserve bottle to the tee. It is a simply brilliant pour that brings out the signature flavor profile of a true Canadian whisky (because of the colder climate and everything about their distilling environment). And even though many connoisseurs will say that each batch of the Confederation Oak Reserve series has its own set of aromas and flavors, the truth remains that no matter which batch your bottle belongs to, it IS still an approachable, enjoyable, and fantastic dram inside and out.

Hands down, the Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve Canadian Whisky is a bottle worth drinking and keeping. Upon opening, the old gold colored spirit greets you already with a sherry-influenced overall feel but enhanced with lovely scents of maple, vanilla, buttercream, praline, honeyed fruits, fig, and raisins. Its syrupy and mouthcoating texture is gushing with well-rounded and bold flavors of more vanilla and buttercream, candied orange, milk chocolate, cinnamon, toasted oak, plus bold spices like pepper spice, clove, anise, and nutmeg. And while you realize it's leaving your precious palate, it'll leave you with a bold lingering finish and elegant aftertastes of subtle spices.

With a bottle that brings you in world of constantly evolving aromas and flavors from start to finish, you'll definitely want another bottle before you even get to finish your first try of the Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve - that's how magnificent this legendary Canadian expression is.

  • Blend of rye, corn, and single grain barley whiskies bottled at 43% ABV
  • NAS matured in ex-Bourbon and Canadian Oak Barrels
  • Silver Medal in the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
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