EG Inspiration Rosemary Lavender Vodka


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Product Description

Trade your boring old vodka for something better with the soothing flavors of the EG Inspiration Rosemary Lavender Vodka.

Based on Florida, EG Vodka is a proudly American-made spirit that takes advantage of the state’s generous botanical bounty. Each of their handcrafted premium vodkas is a labor of love meticulously distilled from the finest grains and flavored using all-natural ingredients to create a sumptuous sipping vodka you’d be proud to enjoy with good company.

Crafted as a compliment to gourmet meals, the EG Inspiration Rosemary Lavender Vodka is a true culinary spirit. Made from high-quality Pacific wheat, the vodka is distilled four times using a copper pot still and infused with Tuscan rosemary, Spanish lavender, and other select American botanicals before being gravity fed into coconut husks to remove any impurities. The end result is an award-winning vodka expression that offers an entirely new experience when sipped neat, enjoyed with ice, and mixed into your favorite cocktails.

Once on the glass, the crystal clear liquid greets you with the pronounced aromas of woody rosemary, soothing lavender, and hints of citrus. Once sipped, this gives way to an even more intense rosemary flavor with lavender, herb, and spice undertones all wrapped up by a crisp, fruity finish with a hint of sweetness.

A true symphony of flavors in every sip, the EG Inspiration Rosemary Lavender Vodka gives each ingredient a time in the spotlight is something you will definitely appreciate. So whether you craving for a refreshing gimlet, a tantalizing martini, or just a good neat glass of refreshing vodka, grab a bottle of this fine craft American vodka and feel those cravings fade away with each delectable sip.

  • 40% ABV or 80 Proof
  • Infused with Tuscan rosemary and Spanish lavender
  • Double Gold at the 2017 Global Spirit Awards
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EG Inspiration Rosemary Lavender Vodka 750ml

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