Dewar's 'The Ancestor' 12 Year Scotch


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Are you a true Scotch drinker who's not so keen on peaty drams? Then the Dewar's Blended Scotch Whisky The Ancestor is the perfect bottle for you.

A double aged Scotch that boasts of a distinct smoothness without a grassy or peaty note? Is that possible? Well if that sounds just like what's in your head right now, then don't you worry, because you've heard (or read) that right. The pride and joy of the Dewar's whisky distillery, owned by Bacardi, The Ancestor 12-Year Scotch is said to be the number one best-selling blended Scotch whisky in the US. Why? Simple. It's beautiful, approachable, never too heavy, silky smooth, and most of all, it's consistently delicious no matter how long you keep it in your bottle collection.

This blended Scotch whisky is a unique combination of single malt and single grain whiskies aged for at least 12 years in hand-selected casks. This bottle is in fact also referred to as a Double Aged Dram because of the 6-month maturation in oak casks after its initial blending and aging. It has a coppery warm gold color with a lovely nose that's aggressive but never heavy on the heat. It has a smooth, silky, and creamy mouthfeel that's rich in notes of honey, butter, ripe orchard fruits, caramel, malt, cinnamon, and toasted barley. So forget that it's blended. Focus on the fact that you don't need to drink more than one glass to know that is one is undeniably a solid Scotch.

Among the Scotch whiskey brands that are famous in the US, it is a known fact the Dewars fine Scotch whisky is deemed as a homebar staple because of its undeniable value for money. Any whisky enthusiast or Scotch whisky collector wouldn't think twice on serving it to house guests, keep it stored or displayed, or even devoured on alone. Because even with a pocket-friendly price tag, it remains to be a decent, well-blended, balanced, delicate, and enjoyable pour. So at the end of the day, that's all that matters. Get your bottle now!

  • True Blended Scotch made from single malts and single grains
  • Aged for 12 years in hand-selected casks and bottled at 40% ABV
  • One of the world's most awarded whiskies
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