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Product Description

This vodka is aptly named...Crystal Head. When you think of a crystal you think of something clear, pure, solid. By definition, a crystal is made of tiny microscopic crystals forming one solid piece. Crystal Head Vodka encompasses those same qualities in this vodka. Crystal Head Vodka concentrates on the small details which collectively work together to form something clear, pure, and solid.

Comedy legend, Dan Aykroyd, and artist John Alexandar set out to make a vodka fitting their A-list tastes, fortunately, it doesn't come at an A-list price. They wanted to craft something special, to stand out among other vodkas, to symbolize life and critics agree this has been achieved with Crystal Head Vodka. They maintained the vision of keeping crystal head vodka pure by ensuring there would not be a trace of additives. Additionally, they use an interestingly unique distilling process where first the vodka is quadruple distilled, then triple filtered through charcoal and lastly it is triple filtered through Herkimer Diamond Crystals. Going the extra step to bring to fruition the idealistic image they started this vodka making venture with. 

  • Additive Free
  • Grain Vodka
  • Triple Filtered Through Diamond Crystals

The flagship of this vodka is their iconic skull shaped bottle which even a non-drinker is curious about. There are people that simply buy this product for the cool cutting-edge bottle and find themselves pleasantly surprised with its contents. 


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