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Product Description

Give yourself an introduction to the intense flavors of rye with Basil Hayden Dark Rye Whiskey – the perfect tipple for the rye initiate.

Named after 18th-century distiller Meredith Basil Hayden Sr., the Basil Hayden brand represents one of the four small-batch bourbon brands produced by Jim Beam for the high-end markets. Like Hayden Sr.’s original creations, their whiskeys are known to contain an exceptionally high amount of rye giving them an intensely spicy character that serves to balance out the brand’s decision to bottle them at a slightly lower proof rating giving them mass appeal in the highly-competitive whiskey market.

But because rye whiskey can only do so much, the brand has recently expanded its offerings with new specialty expressions including the Basil Hayden Dark Rye Whiskey. Crafted from a tantalizing trio of Kentucky straight rye, Canadian rye, and California port-style wine, the whiskey is meticulously mixed allowing its components to shine without being overpowering, resulting in an approachable rye expression whose versatility is only matched by its mouth-watering deliciousness.

Each sip of this chestnut-colored specialty whiskey greets you with a pleasing nose of rye spice, dried red fruits, green apple, fresh leather, and toasty oak, paving the way for a complex palate of port, caramel, dried fruit, more oak, and subtle hints of rye spice, culminating in a dry, lingering finish of sweet fruit and rye.

Delectably smooth and spicy, the Basil Hayden Dark Rye Whiskey is the perfect treat if you have yet to experience rye whiskey, like your drinks on the sweet side, or just want to spice up your cocktails. So get yourself a bottle today and experience rye flavors like never before!

  • 40% ABV or 80 Proof
  • Blend of Kentucky straight rye, Canadian rye, and California port wine
  • Great for cocktails
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Basil Hayden Dark Rye Whiskey 750ml (Limited and Rare)

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