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Discover the taste of a unique Texas rye that's perfectly well-rounded like no other. The Balcones Texas Rye Whiskey - 100 Proof made from 100% Rye!

To celebrate their 10th anniversary in the business, the Balcones Texan whiskey distillery is releasing something they have never done before. And they're not just commemorating this momentous occasion simply with a new addition to their core product line; they're doing it with a big bang - 100 times better! The legal minimum on rye whiskey production is at 51%, so to immediately make a statement, they went ahead and did something that no other Texan distillery can pull off: a whiskey with 100% rye grain mashbill, named simply the Balcones Texas Rye Whiskey, to blatantly put their mark on this unique expression.

This bottle simply offers everything that you would expect from a real good Texan rye whiskey. The Balcones Rye Whiskey has a rich and full character that's 100% balanced with the right amount of sweetness, fruitiness, spiciness, dryness, and robust alcohol heat. While the 100 Proof may take whiskey noobs and social drinkers aback, it's never a reason not to try this one-of-a-kind pour because there'll never be an overwhelming heat or punch from this bottle. Instead, think of this bottle with these two words: crazy beautiful.

The Balcones Rye Whiskey is actually a simple and decent rye whiskey that'll never disappoint with flavor, heat, body, and overall character. To begin with, its nose is surprisingly mellow accompanied by notes of nectarines, peaches, and chocolate covered cherries. It boasts of a mouthwatering creaminess that'll delight your palate with flavors of buttery toffee, nuts, coffee, pepper, caramel, malt, and bitter cocoa. Finally, with aftertastes of chocolate, peanut butter, cinnamon, and freshly shaved oak, it'll give you a warming and satisfying finish.

  • 100% rye whiskey bottled at 100 proof (50% ABV)
  • Non-chill filtered, no artificial color, no age statement on release
  • Bronze medal in the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
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Balcones Rye Whiskey 750ml

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