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Your liquor stash at home would never be complete without the classic vodka everyone loves. Make sure you always have a bottle of Absolut Vodka at hand.

If you want your home stash of wine and spirits to be ready for Absolut-ly anything, then there's no doubt you must have at least the original, the classic, the all-time favorite vodka: Absolut Vodka. Its signature clean, smooth, and delicate taste has made it one of the world's most versatile vodka - great for sipping, shots, and most definitely as a cocktail. So if there's one bottle you should always have ready at home, there's no doubt Absolut Vodka is the one. Taste-wise and budget-wise.

The Absolut Vodka company, also known as V&S Absolut Spirits, first introduced this legendary vodka bottle in 1979. It is made from pure winter wheat grown in its hometown Åhus, Sweden. It is unflavored, unaged, but made into its purest possible form through continuous distillation. And because it is mixed only with water that came from its own well, it resulted into a premium vodka that truly embodies Sweden's expertise in fine vodka-making.

Absolut Vodka is indeed a good vodka that is pure, smooth, and neutral to its core; but that doesn't mean it lacks that distinctive taste and character every experienced drinker looks for in a bottle. It has a very clean nose that'll immediately tell you it's made from quality wheat by giving you hints of doughy bread with a bit of spice. Its signature smooth mouthfeel gives you notes of white pepper, soda vanilla, and a bit of bitter-citrusy lemon peel, then leaving you with still a clean aftertaste with faint flavors of cream soda, licorice and pepper spice.

With a bottle of Absolut Vodka at hand, you can never go wrong. Besides, because of this very bottle, many other brands of vodka and vodka cocktails we enjoy today were born. So make sure you get yours today!

  • Swedish vodka bottled at 40% ABV
  • Made from locally-grown winter wheat
  • World's most popular vodka, sold in 126 countries
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Absolut Vodka 750ml

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