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A die-hard Bloody Mary fan? Then you're missing half (or most) of your life if you haven't tried one with the Absolut Peppar Vodka.

Absolut Vodka is undeniably one of the world's most favorite vodka. And despite its well-known versatility and absolute smoothness, its long line of flavored vodkas is probably among the main reasons why this brand has managed to become a household or bar staple for more than three decades. But have you ever wondered what's the very first flavored vodka Absolut created? Seemingly strange, but yes, it's the Absolut Peppar Vodka.

Far from all the fruity vodkas created ever since the late '80s, the Absolut Vodka pepper flavored was initially created to kick the all-time favorite Bloody Mary up a notch. Accompanying Absolut's signature winter wheat vodka taste, the Absolut Vodka Peppar drinks surprises you with evoking flavors of jalapeño, chili, and green bell peppers. As expected, it has an intense bouquet of prickly black and chili peppers leading you to a hot and spicy palate with an amazing creamy body. It finishes off with again with a hot chili flavor but pleasant aftertaste since the spiciness totally cuts off the charcoal-y taste the regular Absolut has.

While no one would actually recommend drinking the Absolut Peppar Vodka neat because of its rich spiciness, the Blood Mary is far from being the only drink you can enjoy with this one. Some of the popular Absolut Peppar Vodka cocktails are Spiced Pineapple Martini, Fiery Mule, Cape Cod, and Salt n Pepper Martini. So go ahead, instead of just adding this to your ol' Bloody Mary, experiment a little. Go wild in making your own set of favorite Absolut Peppar Vodka drinks.

  • Made from water, grain, and natural peppers with no sugar added
  • Full-bodied NAS vodka from Sweden bottled at 40% ABV
  • First launched in 1986 (7 years after the birth of Aboslut Vodka)
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Absolut Peppar Vodka 750ml

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